Our Baan Tewa Spa treatments will allow you to forget about the daily stress of life, through a balanced and calm state of mind you will enjoy the benefits of your wise actions and enjoy a richer life.
Why don't you start your treatment with a cleansing scrub followed by an energizing Thai Traditional Massage or choose a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage, either way you will leave Baan Tewa feeling great !
All our treatments are given with the utmost care and our masseurs are specially trained to make your stay with us a relaxing experience.
Body Scrubs (30 minutes)
Enjoy the deep cleansing benefits of a Body Scrub and choose from our three quality signature products:

Aromatherapy Massage (90 or 120 minutes)
Stress invades our lives in many forms, for our special aromatherapy massage you can choose from a selection of top quality oils to accommodate your needs in the best way.
Just tell us : do you want to relax and float away or do you need more energy or a better balance ? Or just smell and choose the scent you like most, your nose is your best guide to your needs !

Thai Traditional Massage (90 or 120 minutes)
Nuad Thai is a unique form of body therapy with elements from Indian Hatha Yoga and Chinese Acupressure integrated into an unique Thai style that is over 2.500 years old.
Introducing the concept of energy lines and Yin and Yang, while using the thumbs, palms, elbows and feet for rhythmic pressure and gentle stretching it will increase your energy, relieve stress and harmonize body and mind. 
Our staff is well trained at the internationally renowned Wat Pho.
For this massage we will provide Thai massage trousers and shirt.

Too long on the beach ? or does your skin need extra moisturizing ? you can also choose for your massage our milk based whitening cream.